GurlyGurlTomboy. Lipstick Ditchdigger. Adept smarty-pants with the work ethic and voice to match. With the right tools I can build anything. 


I am a creator and artist, disciplined and curious, and an insatiable seeker of culture and knowledge.  Learning something new is a thrill and working with likeminded individuals energizes me. 

I am naturally entrepreneurial and self-directed and have the leadership, communication skills, and passion needed to see a project through no matter what.  I see the big picture, account for the details, delegate responsibly, and prioritize.  I keep my eye on the prize and keep the work on track.  I have a fire in my belly for beauty, quality, and integrity.

I have built these designs - clothing, jewelry, and accessories - from scratch, including the patterns. 
I enjoy doing custom work because with the creation of each piece I travel a unique journey from the pure emotion and inspiration of the Bing! Lightbulb! visualization, to the moment of turning that pure emotion into something tangible that allows the wearer to have that experience.